Diamond and Jewellery buying guide


With such a wide choice of prices and styles available online, especially in diamond engagement rings, its easy to get bewildered. Turning to Google ( or other search engines) for enlightenment may leave you even more confused. Allow me to explain what is on offer generally and where we fit in.

Independent Jewellers on the high street

Some offer a great personalised service and may be able to custom make your ring and many have been trading for many years so you will have no concerns about the provenance of their products. However, this comes at a significant premium ( double or treble the price) to comparable online only jewellery retailers who don’t have the same overheads and have larger turnovers. An individual shop is also unlikely to have the vast range and variety in stock that you will find online. Unfortunately many independent jewellers are also unfortunately quite far from offering great service or expertise despite what they may claim.

Large High Street chains and TV Shopping Channels

They offer mass produced items where every corner has been cut to satisfy their demands for high marketing budgets and shareholder returns. Although they occasionally do have some genuine clearance sales, its mostly items no one wanted at the real price. In our opinion the least sensible place to shop.


Most of the bigger online diamond sites that dominate the first pages of Google offer thousands upon thousands of certificated diamonds. These are high value diamonds that are held by diamond traders all over the world that have a feed into these sites. The sites then put the stone and ring together and send to you. If you are looking specifically for an investment grade diamond and have the budget they offer great value. However, is it necessary to spend the kind of money those diamonds cost ? Can you or a layperson really tell the difference between the grades. Experience tells us not. Whilst there is an obvious difference between the best stones and the average stones when laid next to each other, sat alone the difference is probably only worth achieving if you are not stretching your budget for other expenses. You may find bloggers or "experts" who tell you anything less than SI1 clarity and H colour is not worth owning but we would disagree and say that is not most peoples reality. 

The G&S Diamonds approach

We are run by individuals with years of experience sourcing and wholesaling diamond jewellery to the trade. We now prefer to sell direct to the public and bring you the advantages of our sourcing abilities and real-life knowledge of what customers really like and appreciate. The means al our diamonds sparkle, they don’t have obvious flaws or yellow coloration, but they do represent great value and bring joy to those who receive them.

We do have some really high clarity pieces as well as our more basic offering. Like most things in life this is reflected in the price. We offer a parallel quality to the large high street chains but without the corner cutting or compromise on diamond sparkle. Also most appealingly we leave you with far more money to spend on more jewellery aside from your essential purchases.